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( Updated at 20/03/2024 )
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Accessibility and Usability Statement

A Shared Services of the Ministry of Health undertakes to provide the website SNS 24 | Contact Centre of the National Health Service, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 83/2018, of 19 October, which transposes Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council, on < style="user-select: text;">accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

I. Compliance status

The website SNS 24 | d Shared Services of the Ministry of Health is fully compliant with Decree-Law No. 83/2018 of 19 October.

II. Elaboration of this accessibility statement e

This statement was updated to 2024-03-07. According to Article 9 of Decree-Law No. 83/2018, entities must adopt the following monitoring procedures. Procedures A) and B) are mandatory. Procedure C) is recommended.

A. Automatic evaluations performed

  1. (2024-03-05). Report: Auto-Evaluation
    • Tool used: Access Monitor
    • Sample: 36 pages.
    • Main results (summary): In the total of the pages analyzed, a score of 9.8 (1-10) was obtained, and the following levels of compliance were obtained: Of the 37 practices found, 29 were acceptable and 6 were indicated to be viewed manually, and 1 unacceptable error was identified

B. Manual evaluations performed:

  1. (2024-03-05). Report: 10 Functional aspects
    • Sample: 25 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics satisfied/total heuristics applied): 24/24
  2. (2024-03-06). Report: Evidence collection Content Checklist
    • Sample: 17 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics satisfied/total heuristics applied): 16/17
  3. (2024-03-06). Report: Evidence Collection Transaction Checklist
    • Sample: 13 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics satisfied/total heuristics applied): 12/12

C. Usability testing with people with disabilities:

  1. (2024-03-01). Report: Usability Report II
    • Characterization of the participants: 4 employees and 2 visually impaired participants, from ACAPO
    • Tasks/Processes: In total, all employees (with and without special needs) were asked for nine tasks, described in the report.
    • Main results (summary): The site has very good accessibility levels when the navigation is done by users using screen readers. Of the tasks required to be performed, all were understood and achieved with regular ease. The site was described by test users as being easy to navigate, simple and accessible.

III. Contact and request for information regarding to the website

To contact, make suggestions, make complaints or request additional information regarding the content and/or features present nthe website da Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, please use the following means:

Shared Services Ministry of Health
Av. da República, 61 – 1050-189 Lisboa
(+351) 211 545 600

IV. Other evidence

The Shared Services of the Ministry of Health did not present, when filling out this Declaration, any other evidence or efforts to make its website compliant with the accessibility requirements contained in Decree-Law No. 83/2018, of 19 October.

V. Reporting discrimination

In accordance with paragraph 1 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 83/2018, of 19 October, whenever a person with a disability is subject to less favourable treatment than that which is, has been or will be given to another person in a comparable situation, which constitutes a discriminatory practice against persons with disabilities, provided for and punished under the terms of article 4 of Law no. 46/2006, of 28 August, that person may file a complaint, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 34/2007, of 15 February.

The National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR, I.P.), provides a form to report situations of discrimination, forwarding complaints to the competent authorities. Every year, the INR, I.P. draws up an annual report on the application of the law prohibiting and punishing discrimination on the grounds of disability and the existence of an aggravated health risk (Law No 46/2006 of 28 August).

This Accessibility and Usability Statement was created with the help of WAI-Tools PT v1.5 Generator, developed within the scope of the project WAI-Tools, of which AMA is an integral part. The Declaration was designed in accordance with Decree-Law No. 83/2018, of 19 October.

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