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( Updated at 24/07/2023 )
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What is the blood donor card?

The blood donor card is a document that identifies a person as a blood donor.
This card contains the information of the donations made, which are registered in the database of the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation (IPST, IP).

What forms does the blood donor card take


The blood donor card comes in physical and digital form.

After the first donation, the blood collection service makes a request for the issuance of the physical card to the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation, which will send it to the blood donor.

How can I access the digital blood donor card?

Once you have registered as a blood donor, you can access your digital blood donor card via the SNS 24 App:

  • log in with Health User Number OR Digital Mobile Key
  • click on the "My health" menu
  • select the "Blood Donor" item

Who can access the blood donor card in the SNS 24 App?

All users of the National Health Service who have made at least one blood donation can access the blood donor card at SNS 24 App and:

  • have the SNS 24 App installed on the mobile device
  • have a mobile device with a Wi-Fi/mobile data connection

What information does the digital blood donor card provide?

The digital blood donor card allows you to view your personal donation history and includes the following information:

  • National donor number
  • Blood group
  • Date and place of donation
  • status of the donation, and may be able to pass or fail

In what situations do I have to present the blood donor card?

This card is considered a document that proves the condition of a blood donor. Its presentation may be necessary for the purposes of exemption from user fees, in access to the provision of health care by the National Health Service.

You are entitled to this exemption if you:

  • have made more than 30 gifts in your lifetime
  • you have 2 donations in the last 12 months at the date the exemption question arises
  • you have a minimum of 10 donations and you are temporarily or permanently prevented from donating blood for medical reasons

As a donor, am I also entitled to a physical card?

Yes. The request for the issuance of the card is the responsibility of the service that performs the collection, and the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation is responsible for its processing, issuance and sending to the donor.

Source: Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation, IP (IPST,IP)

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