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( Updated at 10/05/2023 )
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What is the exemption from payment of user fees due to economic insufficiency?

The user fees correspond to the amount charged to users at the time of providing health care in the National Health Service.

The right to exemption from user fees due to economic insufficiency is enshrined in the Decree-Law No. 113/2011, of 29 November, and it is necessary to request it.

Who can apply for a user fee waiver?

Users who have never submitted an application for recognition of economic insufficiency may apply for exemption.

Does the condition of economic insufficiency depend on an assessment?

yes. The condition of economic insufficiency is assessed by the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) and, if it meets the requirements provided for by law, this condition may lead to exemption from the payment of a user fee.

This assessment may differ from year to year, as it is associated with the value of the Social Support Index (IAS) that is reviewed every year.

Where can I place the order?

You can make the request through:

How can I order online?

To request exemption from user fees due to economic insufficiency, you must:

  • access personal area of the SNS 24 portal
  • 'Learn more...' section from the main menu
  • access the item 'User fees for me' or 'User fees for others'
  • select the 'Request' tab
  • click on the 'Request exemption' button
  • Fill in the marked fields (identification of the user, composition of the household, etc.)
  • click on 'Confirm Order'

When can I place the order?

You can make the request at any time, having an evaluation (validated/refused) within 10 working days from the date of the request.

What documents do I need?

To request exemption from user fees, a Citizen Card is required.

Is the exemption forever or is there a reassessment?

The requirements for exemption due to economic insufficiency are automatically and annually reassessed on 30 September by the Tax and Customs Authority (AT), and the information systems are updated accordingly, namely the National Register of Users.

What is the cost of the order?

The request for exemption from the user fee is free of charge.

Can I correct/amend the order?

yes. Corrections/changes are allowed within 24 hours of submission.

If more than 24 hours have passed since submission, it is necessary to wait until the application is evaluated.


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