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( Updated at 24/07/2023 )
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Who can have access to paperless prescription?

All users benefiting from the National Health Service, to whom the doctor has issued an electronic prescription in dematerialized format, also known as Paperless Prescription (dematerialized electronic prescription).

How do I receive the information regarding the Paperless Prescription?

After the prescription is issued by the doctor, the information is made available to the patient through the following means:

  • sending a text message to your mobile phone (SMS) and/or
  • sending an e-mail, to which the Treatment Guide is attached, and/or
  • printing of the Treatment Guide, which presents all the necessary information for the user to be aware of how to take the medications (dosage), in order to comply with the prescribed treatment

All these means contain the codes necessary to dispense medicines or health products (access and dispensing code and right of option code) and can be used at the same time.

What is the Treatment Guide?

The Treatment Guide is a personal document, issued only to the user, in which, in addition to the information regarding the medicines and health products prescribed, the prescription number, the dosage and the necessary codes (access and dispensation code and right of option code) are included in order to dispense the medicines/health products prescribed by their doctor.

Do I also have access to the package insert of the medicines in the Paperless Prescription?

yes. You have access to the leaflet of the dispensed medicines through the SNS 24 App. To do this, simply access the menu "My health" > "Recipes" > Medicines. When selecting a medicine that has already been dispensed, click on the "i" icon to access the patient information leaflet.

To receive the SMS, do I have to be registered in the personal area of the SNS 24 portal?

Nope. To receive the SMS, with the dematerialized prescription information, you do not need to be registered in the personal area of the SNS 24 portal. It is only necessary to keep your details up to date at the health facility or provide your mobile phone number to the doctor at the time of issuing the prescription.

When can I check my Paperless Prescription?

You can consult the Treatment Guide at any time at:

You can also consult it in your email if it has been sent to you by this means.

Where can I check the information on my Paperless Prescription?

You can consult the Paperless Revenue information through:

What is the deadline to consult the information regarding my Paperless Prescription?

The Paperless Prescription Treatment Guides are always available at personal area of the SNS 24 portal. Depending on the available packaging and its validity:

  • if you have packages of medicines available for dispensing or if you have any line of medicines that have expired: you can consult the Treatment Guides in the 'I need...' menu, by accessing the 'Prescriptions' tab
  • if you don't have packs available or if the validity of the most extensive line of medicines is exceeded: you can check your prescription history in the 'My records' menu, by going to the 'Health pathway' tab

If you need to request or renew your prescription for medication, you can contact your family doctor.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with consulting the paperless recipe information through the means mentioned.

Source: Ministry of Health Shared Services (SPMS)

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