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SNS 24
( Updated at 12/03/2024 )
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Who can access the results of the electronic exams?

Any person registered in personal area of the SNS 24 portal, or who has the SNS 24 mobile application installed on their mobile phone, may have access to the results of their Exams.

Where can I access e-exam results?

After the healthcare professionals (the providers) synchronize the results, the user can consult their results by:

Although the results of your exams may be available in the personal area or on the SNS 24 mobile application, it does not mean that your doctor has consulted them. Therefore, it is advisable that you wait for the appointment to be made or for the contact of your health unit.

When can I see the results?

You can consult the results of electronic exams at any time, as long as they have been prescribed by your doctor, and carried out in one of the entities that have already joined the dematerialization project – Paperless Exams.

What should I do when I receive the test result I took?

When you receive your exam result in electronic format, you can consult it at the personal area of the SNS 24 portal and/or at the SNS 24 mobile application. Despite receiving the result of your test, you should consult your doctor.

I received my exam result electronically. What now?

When you receive your test results, you should consult your doctor for follow-up.

Do I have access to the results of all the exams I take?

No. You will only have access to the results of the exams prescribed in Primary Health Care, and provided/carried out in entities that are under the dematerialization project – Paperless Exams.

In which laboratories can I perform my exams and that share my results in the personal area of the SNS 24 portal and in the SNS 24 App?

You can consult the labs that already share test results in electronic format.
This list only includes laboratories that share the results, electronically, with the patient and with the doctor who prescribed it in Primary Health Care.

How much does it cost to access the results?

Access to the results has no associated cost.

What is the deadline?

There is no deadline for access or consultation.

What is a complementary means of diagnosis and therapy?

The Complementary Means of Diagnosis and Therapeutics (MCDT) is the term used to describe some tests and treatments that patients undergo.

What do I get when I prescribe an exam?

At the time of prescribing an examination, the prescribing physician may choose to send the requisition data by SMS and/or send the service guide to the e-mail and/or print the service guide that contains all the data of the complementary means of diagnosis and therapy that have been prescribed. The SMS, email and delivery guide contain the following information:

  • request number
  • access/scheduling code
  • installment code

This information is also recorded and available for consultation at:

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