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( Updated at 10/05/2023 )
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What is an advance directive/living will?

An advance will directive (DAV), also known as a living will, corresponds to a document in which the conscious, free and informed will of a user is manifested in advance, about which health care they wish to receive or not, for any reason, if they are not able to express their will personally and autonomously.

Who can do it?

A living will can be made by nationals, foreigners and refugees (stateless), residing in Portugal, of legal age, who are not interdicted or disqualified due to a psychic anomaly.

It is necessary to have a user number of the National Health Service (if you do not have one, it can be assigned to you by the administrative services of the health center). It is recommended to register in the personal area of the SNS 24 portal to monitor the process.

When can I do it?

At any time, depending on the opening hours of the service desks of the National Registry of Living Wills (RENTEV).

How can I do it?

The user can access the personal area of the SNS 24 portal and download the model of the living will form. After filling out the form, you must deliver it to the health center in your area of residence – RENTEV counter.

What documents and requirements do I need?

How do you register a living will?

The user can choose to do so through one of the following options:

  • sign and deliver the living will on paper to a RENTEV official at the RENTEV counter in your area of residence
  • send it by registered mail, in cases where the signature has already been notarised by the notary

Where can I deliver?

You can deliver your living will at more than 120 counters RENTEV.
At these locations, RENTEV officials are available to receive the documents and register them.

Can I deliver to a RENTEV branch that is not in my area of residence?

yes. You can deliver (or send by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt when the signature is notarised by the notary) your living will, duly signed and completed, at any RENTEV counter in the presence of the official. However, it is recommended that you use the counter in your area of residence.

Can I make a living will online?

No. According to the legislation in force, the living will must be signed in person by the user, at any of the RENTEV branches or sent by registered mail, in which case the user's signature must be notarized by the notary.

How much does it cost to make a living will?

It is free of charge.

What is the term of a living will?

The living will is valid for 5 years after the date of activation.

At 60 days and 15 days before the deadline, the user receives a notification (by email and/or SMS) informing them of the proximity of the end date. If the user wishes to continue with the same living will (or wishes to make a different one) he must repeat the process.

Is it possible to register a living will with just the appointment of the health care proxy?

yes. A living will can be registered with:

  • only the appointment of the health care proxy
  • only health care
  • Health Care and Health Care Proxy

Who can consult my living will?

The living will can be consulted by different people:

Each time someone consults the living will, the user will be notified of it, through email and/or SMS.

Why can my living will be consulted?

The living will can be consulted for different reasons depending on who makes it.

  • a RENTEV official can consult, via the RENTEV application, to:
    • Verify personal data of the user or proxy
    • Verify Attached Document
    • Other reason to be filled in by the employee
  • a validating physician can consult, through the RENTEV application, to:
    • Verify personal data of the user or proxy
    • Verify Attached Document
    • Another reason to be filled in by the validating physician
  • a healthcare professional can consult, via CSR | Professional's Area:
    • in the context of health care

Whenever the living will is consulted, the user receives an automatic notification, via email and/or SMS, with the information that he or she has been consulted. The user receives the same notification when he consults his living will.

When will I receive automatic notifications?

The user receives a notification whenever the living will:

  • Moves to approved status
  • has been consulted
  • is about to expire
  • Goes to inactive state

Why am automatic notifications sent to me?

Notifications are sent to the user as a security and privacy measure and are intended to alert to improper access to the document.

I have a health care proxy. Do you also receive notifications?

yes. Notifications are sent to the user and their health care proxy via email and/or SMS. If there is an alternate health care proxy, you will also receive notifications.


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